The Food Integrity ProjectTM

An Brief Overview of the Project

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The GMO Free Josephine County Food Integrity ProjectTM is a voluntary program offered to all interested local restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, food carts, etc. It provides recognition-status and verification to local businesses who offer GMO Free menu options. Food establishments are evaluated by the Food Integrity ProjectTM team of consultants to determine how many GMO Free menu options are available at the establishment.

Various levels of participation are designated by a Leaf Award System. Following verification, each food establishment receives a decal with the Food Integrity ProjectTM logo and leaf award, to be displayed on the front window/door of each participating food establishment designating their ongoing commitment to providing healthful menu options.

The primary goals of the Project are to support and empower our local food establishments to be trailblazers in creating a model within our community for food integrity, and to give people healthful choices (via labeling) when they dine out.  We remain on board to educate the owners and chefs as needed about hidden GMO ingredients and help to source local GMO-free items to include in their purchasing options.


Our Current Participants

Here is the current list of our Josephine County food & beverage establishments that are participating with the Food Integrity ProjectTM.

Eat at these locations today (and often) and be sure to tell them you are patronizing them specifically for their GMO Free options!

Cocina 7 (Williams)

Ma Mosa’s (Grants Pass)

Latinality (Grants Pass)

Rogue Coffee Roasters (Grants Pass)

Rosso’s Trattoria (Grants Pass)

Sunshine Natural Foods (Grants Pass)

The Haul (Grants Pass)

The Vine (Grants Pass)

Uber Herbal (Grants Pass)



How can you know if a food establishment

is participating in The Project?

Look for one of these Food Integrity Project Decals on the door or window

of local food establishments and their menu!  

There are 3 recognition levels, EACH embracing food integrity and GMO Free options for us all!



You can expect to find 3 or more individual

GMO Free menu items.



You can expect to find at least 50% GMO Free menu items.



You can expect to find 90% or more GMO Free menu items.


Food Integrity Project Kickoff and Food Fest

Here’s a morsel of information for you to enjoy.

Did you know we introduced the Food Integrity ProjectTM on October 17, 2013 at a Food Integrity Project Kickoff and Food Fest, attended by nearly 800 interested members of the general public?  It featured samples of GMO Free food, music, food demos, and the unveiling of the first 10 participating restaurants.

The Project is open to all Food Establishments

The food establishments in the Project are food integrity trailblazers! They  inspire their patrons by promoting the wisdom in the adage: “Think Before You Eat” . . . and inspire other local restaurants to value the importance of menu transparency and food integrity leading to more healthful, sustainable dining-out options for our community.

We encourage all local food establishments to join in . . . we love working with restaurants to create GMO free menu options and connecting them with the patrons who care.

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The Food Integrity ProjectTM website


We hope you visit each of these restaurants soon!

Be sure to visit: The Food Integrity Project. org