Our Mission



Who Are We?      


We are a grassroots coalition of concerned citizens working together to create a GMO Free Zone in Southern Oregon, through education and action to preserve the integrity of our food and the freedom to grow it.

We are a proactive group working closely with neighboring counties to educate our community about the necessity of protecting our unique bio-region from GMO crops and the health and environmental dangers they pose.

We act with openness and respect toward all people we encounter.

We are non-violent in our actions, word and intent toward people and property.

We seek dialogue with those who may disagree with us and maintain a spirit of openness, friendliness and respect toward all with whom we engage.

We will gather and act in a manner that reflects the world we hope to create.



Our Purpose 



We raise awareness of the dangers that the Genetic Engineering of plants and animals pose to our communities and our food supply.  We help to educate and empower the citizens of Josephine County by sharing information, offering presentations and hosting events that positively affect our long-term goals of community health and local agriculture sustainability.


We believe that our food rights are inalienable.  We connect and work with organizations, institutions, and individuals throughout our community who value food purity.  We, as a group, embrace and promote only peaceful action, always taking a non-violent stand for the greater good.


We serve and support citizens and farmers committed to sound food systems: sustaining, preserving, and increasing the integrity of our seed and food supply, and the legacy of our seed-saving heritage.




We welcome you to join us and stay up to date with all of our activities.


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  Oregonians for Safe Farms and Families