An Evening With Dr. Ray Seidler

As part of GMO Awareness Month

the public is invited to hear a special guest lecture


Biotechnology Crops:

What’s Here, What’s Coming, and Why Should You Care?

An Evening with Ray Seidler, PH.D


Thursday, October 27,  7:00 PM

Fruitdale Grange, 1440 Parkdale Drive, Grants Pass, OR

Admission: Free 


Co-Sponsored by GMO Free Josephine County and Oregonians for Safe Farms and Families


Genetically engineered crops have been a hot button issue in Southern Oregon since 2012, when local farmers discovered that Syngenta was growing test plots of its GMO sugar beets here.


Dr. Seidler will discuss major concerns with current genetically engineered crops:
—Negative impacts to the environment
—Pollen and seed contamination
—Abundance of dangerous pesticide chemicals used in GE agriculture
—Economic havoc experienced by many family farm businesses.
—Further loosening of the already weak regulatory system to evaluate GE crops.


Dr. Seidler will also explain the new technologies being used to create the 2.0 generation of GE crops, and the issues of concern surrounding them, especially gene editing and gene drives.


The evening will also include a brief update by Mary Middleton, Director of Oregonians for Safe Farms and Families (OSFF), on current legal issues surrounding GMO crops in Josephine County, the state of Oregon, and beyond.


We are so very pleased to be honored by Dr. Seidler for this engagement. He is a wonderfully engaging speaker and totally worth your time to come see him in person! Don’t miss this long-awaited opportunity to hear important new information from a true biosafety expert!


Bio:  Dr. Ray Seidler, a former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Senior Scientist, wrote the EPA’s Biosafety Plan. While at the EPA, Dr. Seidler was invited to give over 100 lectures around the world on GMO biosafety issues.  During the 1980’s he was the Chief EPA research scientist involved in monitoring the first ever microorganism GMO releases into the open environment. During his career, Dr. Seidler researched the development of methods to evaluate/predict the survival, multiplication, gene exchange, ecological effects, and dispersal of genetically engineered organisms.




Oct 28, 2016 – Update

Dr. Ray Seidler, certainly met his goal last night of leaving his audience highly knowledgeable about GMO crops! The response to this lecture was overwhelming positive!


Dr. Seidler kept a capacity crowd of more than 50 audience members fascinated and engaged through topics such as hormone-disrupting pesticides, small interference RNA, synthetic biology, and CRISPR gene editing.

Educating ourselves about the techniques being used to create new GMO products and the concerns surrounding them, and sharing that information, is one of the best ways we can change the choices people make about their food and food policy.

Thank you to all who came out on a rainy Thursday for this talk. And thank you, Ray Seidler, for bringing your wealth of knowledge to Grants Pass.  We appreciate your time and dedication to this issue and your incredible talent in explaining complex details simply.







Photo Caption :  Dr. Ray Seidler discusses the risks surrounding neonicotinoid-treated genetically engineered corn seeds at a rally in Salem.